Red Team Information

This page is all about how to apply to be on the Red Team and what to expect when you are there.

Pacific Rim Region (PRCCDC)

Western Region (WRCCDC)

North-Central Region (NCCCDC)

Rocky-Mountain Region (RMCCDC)

At-Large Region (ALCCDC)

North-East Region (NECCDC)

Mid-Atlantic Region (MACCDC)

Red Team Captain: Rob Fuller - @mubix

How to apply

Email or DM @mubix two months prior to the first qualifying round asking to be on the team. If you have any prior blue team experience you should mention that. If accepted, you will be added to a Google Group. This is the announcements channels where upates come in.

What to expect

The MACCDC Red Team is broken up into four different teams: Linux, Web, Windows, and Team Focus. The Team Focus team ensures that each competiting team gets the same amount of love and takes attacks and shells the parts of the red team are using and makes sure that the same attacks are done against every team. Qualifiers are a qualifying event for Red Teamers too. No matter how long you have been with the team, the Red Team that is invited to finals is the team leads and core members of the Red Team elect to participate.

Red Team Rules

  1. Respect will be shown at all times, every person apart of CCDC (blue, red, white, black, orange) is doing so in addition to their normal daily requirements, don’t disrespect that sacrifice. It’s ok to poke fun but never degrade. You will be removed from the Red Team permanently for doing so.
  2. We are not allowed to break any system or service in a non-trivial recoverable way until near the end of the competition. (Last 30 minutes of Qualifiers, Last half of the last day of Finals)
  3. This event is a learning experience for the Blue Teams first and foremost. While learning can happen on the Red Team, that is not our mission, don’t apply to the Red Team expecting mentorship. The Red Team is there to provide an advesarial simulation for the competition that can move and adapt like real adversaries.

Mid-West Region (MWCCDC)

South-East Region (SECCDC)

South-West Region (SWCCDC)

National CCDC (NCCDC)

Red Team Captain: David Cowen - @HECFBlog